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Hello and welcome to my website.  You must be looking for a cute and unique name for your newly born baby, right? This website will help you explore cute names for your baby and help you settle on the perfect one. We have compiled a list of the most searched baby names and here you will easily pick adorable names for your babies. Here you will also get a brief description of baby names.

 Names are very important for human beings because names give recognition to you. You must be worried about naming a good name for your baby, there is nothing to panic about. We are here to help you.

Babies are Adorable, cute, sweet, innocent, angelic, charming, beautiful, and observant or alert. Cute, cuddly, loud, quiet, angelic, demonic, unique, adorable, bouncy, cheerful, onery, spoiled, chummy.

There is nothing quite as exciting as waiting for the arrival of a new baby. As the due date gets closer and closer, you'll look for every way to announce, pamper and welcome this new boy or girl into your community. we've compiled a list of inspirational quotes and sayings about babies, these phrases are perfect for birth announcements, baby shower invitations, baby shower gifts.

Moreover, we understand that choosing a baby name is one of the most difficult decisions for a parent-to-be and it is indeed an overwhelming task. Finding a beautiful and modern name for your future baby is a huge responsibility. However, by checking out our baby names list for 2021, you will easily choose a perfect name for your baby. Our list is full of unique names that can fit any kind of personality you see for your baby. 

It will have fun while checking and picking your favorite name from our list. If you have a baby born in your family and you are looking for a cute name, then you are at the right place.

We have brought a collection of beautiful names that you will like very much. Hence, you are cordially invited to visit my website. I hope that you will like my chosen name and you will feel the meaning.

Here, you just browse the list of the top baby names and pick the best one:

Hindu Boy Names & Girl Names:

Aabha         Girl
Aabheer     Boy
Aachal         Girl
Aadarsh    Boy
Aadarshini Girl
Aadav        Boy
Aadavan   Boy
Aadesh     Boy
Aadhan      Boy
Aadharsha Girl
Aadhikesav Boy
Aadhinath Boy
Aadhira    Boy
Aadhira     Girl
Aadhith    Boy
Aadhriti    Girl
Aadhunik Boy
Aadhvitha Girl
Aadhya Girl
Aadi        Boy
Aadidev Boy
Aadilakshmi Girl
Aadimoolan Boy
Aadinadh Boy
Aadinath  Boy
Aadinathan Boy
Aadipta     Boy
Aadir         Boy
Aadish      Boy
Aadishree Girl
Aadit        Boy
Aaditey    Boy
Aaditeya   Boy
Aaditya    Boy
Aadrika    Girl
Aadvay                  Boy
Aadvik       Boy
Aadya       Girl
Aadyasha   Girl
Aafreen    Girl
Aagam      Boy
Aaghosh Boy
Aagney  Boy
Aagneya Boy
Aahan    Boy
Aahana  Girl
Aahish    Boy
Aahlaad Boy
Aahva    Boy
Aahvan Boy
Aakaar  Boy
Aakaash Boy
Aakanksha Girl
Aakar      Boy
Aakarshan Boy
Aakash  Boy
Aalap      Boy
Aalok      Boy
Aamil    Boy
Aamod    Boy
Aanan    Boy
Aanand  Boy
Aanandhi Girl
Aanandswarup Boy
Aananthan Boy
Aanav    Boy
Aanchal Girl
Aandaleeb Boy
Aanjaneya Boy
Aanjay    Boy
Aapt        Boy
Aaraadhak Boy
Aaradhya Girl
Aaranyan Boy
Aarathi  Girl
Aarav      Boy
Aardik    Boy
Aarhant Boy
Aarin      Boy
Aarit      Boy
Aariv      Boy
Aarna    Girl
Aarnav    Boy
Aarodeep Boy
Aaroha    Boy
Aaromal Boy
Aarpit    Boy
Aarsh      Boy
Aarshabh Boy
Aarth      Boy
Aarthi    Girl
Aarti      Girl
Aarul      Boy
Aarunya Girl
Aarush    Boy
Aarushi  Girl
Aarya      Unisex
Aaryah    Girl
Aaryan    Boy
Aaryana Girl
Aaryanna Girl
Aashadhar Boy
Aashank Boy
Aashay    Boy
Aashi      Girl
Aashirya Girl
Aashish Boy
Aashman Boy
Aashna  Girl
Aashutosh Boy
Aastha    Girl
Aastik    Boy
Aathira  Girl
Aatish    Boy
Aatmaj  Boy

Aatreya Boy
Aayan    Boy
Aayu      Boy
Aayush  Boy
Aayushi Boy
Aayushmaan Boy
Abadhya Boy
Abeesh Boy
Abeesht Boy
Aben      Boy
Abha      Girl
Abhaiveer Boy
Abhanja Boy
Abhas    Boy
Abhat    Boy
Abhati    Girl
Abhay    Boy
Abhaya  Girl
Abhayan Boy
Abhayananda Boy
Abhayaprada Boy
Abhayd                Boy
Abhayd  Girl
Abhaysimha Boy
Abheek Boy
Abhey    Boy
Abhi        Boy
Abhibhava Boy
Abhicandra Boy
Abhidha Girl
Abhidhya Girl
Abhidi    Boy
Abhigita Girl
Abhigna Girl
Abhigyaan Boy
Abhihita Boy
Abhijaat Boy
Abhijat Boy
Abhijay Boy
Abhijaya Boy
Abhijeet Boy
Abhiji    Boy
Abhijit    Boy
Abhijith Boy
Abhijun Boy
Abhijvala Boy
Abhik    Boy
Abhikama Boy
Abhikansh Boy
Abhilasa Girl
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Abhilash Boy
Abhilasha Girl
Abhim Boy
Abhimand Boy
Abhimani Boy
Abhimanyu Boy
Abhimanyusuta Boy
Abhimoda Boy
Abhin Boy
Abhinabhas Boy
Abhinand Boy
Abhinanda Boy
Abhinandan Boy
Abhinandana Boy
Abhinatha Boy
Abhinav Boy
Abhinava Boy
Abhinavin Boy
Abhinay Boy
Abhinaya Girl
Abhineet Boy
Abhinit Boy
Abhinithi Girl
Abhinivesh Boy
Abhiprithi Girl
Abhir Boy
Abhiraam Boy
Abhiraj Boy
Abhiraksh Boy
Abhirakshit Boy
Abhiram Boy
Abhirami Girl
Abhirath Boy
Abhirathi Girl
Abhiri Girl
Abhiru Boy
Abhiruc Boy
Abhiruchir Boy
Abhirup Boy
Abhisar Boy
Abhisek Boy
Abhishek Boy
Abhishikt Boy
Abhishikth Boy
Abhisoka Boy
Abhisri Girl
Abhisumat Boy
Abhisyanta Boy
Abhithi Girl
Abhivaadan Boy
Abhivachan Boy
Abhivanth Boy
Abhivira Boy
Abhlesh Boy
Abhra Boy
Abhrakasin Boy
Abhram Boy
Abhyagni Boy
Abhyudaya Boy
Abhyudit Boy
Abhyudita Boy
Abij Boy
Abijith Boy
Abilash Boy
Abimanyu Boy
Abin Boy
Abinaya Girl
Abinesh Boy
Abirami Girl
Abishek Boy
Abishta Girl
Abitha Girl
Abivanth Boy
Abiya Girl
Abjayoni Boy
Abjit Boy
Aboil Girl
Aboli Girl
Abzar Boy
Achal Boy
Achala Girl
Achalendra Boy
Achalraj Boy
Acharya Boy
Achintya Boy
Achu Girl
Achuthan Boy
Achyut Boy
Achyuta Boy
Achyuthan Boy
Adarsh Boy
Adarsha Girl
Adavak Boy
Adavan Boy
Adeep Boy
Adesh Boy
Adhav Boy
Adheash Boy
Adheer Boy
Adheesh Boy
Adhik Boy
Adhikshit Boy
Adhiksit Boy
Adhil Boy
Adhip Boy
Adhira Girl
Adhiraj Boy
Adhish Boy
Adhita Boy
Adhivar Boy
Adhya Girl
Adhyaksh Boy
Adi Unisex
Adidev Boy
Adinarayana Boy
Adinath Boy
Adipurush Boy
Adit Boy
Aditeya Boy
Adith Boy
Aditha Girl
Adithya Boy
Adithyan Boy
Aditi Girl
Aditri Girl
Aditya Boy
Adityanandana Boy
Adityavardhana Boy
Adityesha Boy
Adrija Girl
Adrika Girl
Adripathi Boy
Adrut Boy
Advait Boy
Advaita Girl
Advaith Boy
Advaitha Boy
Advaitha Girl
Advay Boy
Advaya Boy
Advik Boy
Advika Girl
Adwaita Boy
Adwaith Boy
Adway Boy
Adwaya Boy
Adwithiya Boy
Adya Girl
Adyah Boy
Afreen Girl
Aga Boy
Aganveer Boy
Agasthya Boy
Agasti Boy
Agastya Boy
Agendra Boy
Aghanashini Girl
Agharna Boy
Aghat Boy
Aghora Boy
Aghosh Boy
Agnes Girl
Agneya Boy
Agnidev Boy
Agnikaa Girl
Agnimitra Boy
Agniprava Boy
Agnish Boy
Agnishikha Girl
Agnit Boy
Agniv Boy
Agniva Boy
Agnivesh Boy
Agraj Boy
Agrani Girl
Agrata Girl
Agrima Girl
Agyeya Boy
Ahalya Girl
Ahan Boy
Ahana Girl
Ahi Boy
Ahi Girl
Ahijit Boy
Ahil Boy
Ahila Girl
Ahilan Boy
Ahilya Girl
Ahladita Girl
Ahladitha Girl
Ahyanna Girl
Ainesh Boy
Airaawat Boy
Airawat Boy
Aishani Girl
Aishwarya Girl
Aiswarya Girl
Aiyappa Boy
Aja Boy
Ajaat Boy
Ajaatshatru Boy
Ajala Girl
Ajamil Boy
Ajanta Boy
Ajatashatru Boy
Ajay Boy
Ajaya Girl
Ajayan Boy
Ajeesh Boy
Ajeet Boy
Ajeeta Girl
Ajesh Boy
Aji Boy
Ajil Boy
Ajit Boy
Ajitaabh Boy
Ajitabh Boy
Ajitesh Boy
Ajith Boy
Ajitha Girl
Ajithkumar Boy
Ajoy Boy
Akaash Boy
Akalka Girl
Akalmash Boy
Akalpa Boy
Akand Boy
Akanksha Girl
Akansh Boy
Akansha Girl
Akarsh Boy
Akash Boy
Akhil Boy
Akhila Girl
Akhilesh Boy
Akilan Boy
Akilesh Boy
Akira Girl
Akriti Girl
Akroor Boy
Akshada Girl
Akshaj Boy
Akshan Boy
Akshansh Boy
Akshar Boy
Akshat Boy
Akshata Girl
Akshatha Girl
Akshay Boy
Akshaya Girl
Akshayaguna Boy
Akshaykeerti Boy
Akshit Boy
Akshita Girl
Akshitha Girl
Akshobhya Boy
Aksithi Girl
Akul Boy
Akula Girl
Akuti Girl
Alagarsamy Boy
Alaguraja Boy
Alak Boy
Alaknanda Girl
Alamelu Girl
Alankar Boy
Alap Boy
Aleena Girl
Aleesha Girl
Alekhya Girl
Alesa Girl
Alhad Boy
Alka Girl
Allu Girl
Alok Boy
Aloke Boy
Aloki Boy
Alop Boy
Alopa Girl
Alpa Girl
Alpana Girl
Alpesh Boy
Amaan Boy
Amala Girl
Amalan Boy
Amaldeepti Girl
Amalendu Boy
Amalesh Boy
Amalraj Boy
Aman Boy
Amanath Boy
Amanjot Boy
Amanpreet Unisex
Amar Boy
Amara Girl
Amaravathy Girl
Amardeep Boy
Amaresh Boy
Amarik Boy
Amaris Boy
Amarjeet Boy
Amarnadh Boy
Amarnath Boy
Amarta Girl
Amartya Boy
Amba Girl
Ambalika Girl
Ambar Boy
Ambareesh Boy
Ambarish Boy
Amber Boy
Amberley Girl
Ambika Girl
Ambikapathi Boy
Ambily Girl
Ambu Girl
Ambud Boy
Ambuda Girl
Ambuj Boy
Ambuja Girl
Ameal Boy
Ameet Boy
Ameil Boy
Ameya Boy
Ameya Unisex
Ameyatma Boy
Ami Boy
Amil Boy
Amisha Girl
Amit Boy
Amita Girl
Amitaabh Boy
Amitabh Boy
Amitabha Boy
Amitav Boy
Amitbikram Boy
Amitesh Boy
Amith Boy
Amitha Girl
Amithi  Girl
Amitiyoti Boy
Amitosh Boy
Amitrasudan Boy
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